Fairy Tales of Nadia Wiki
First Name None
Age 10000
Birth Date None
Hair Dark Green
Eyes Red
Gender ?
Occupation(s) Fighter of Hells
Relatives Prince Taylori (father)
Powers Unknown
Status Active
Voiced By Unknown


Unnamed is a fictional character from "Fairy Tales of Nadia" Comics by Chahine Essedik (sedik) Sfar.


The Pentagram on The Character's necklace is a reference to Witchcraft activities. also The Writings on the Character's Body are: (مرگ=Death, بد=Evil, لعنت=Curse)

In the Un-used sets of Tape My Barrels Please, where UNNAMED  can be seen in his original devilish form Squeezing Sam's breasts, he's wearing a scarf from his upper shoulder to his waist with "666" written on it, this is a reference to The Devil's Number.

His Name:

As it is seen in FTON's episodes, UNNAMED doesn't have a name,so he gets often refered as "That Guy", "Someone i don't know his name",  some compound forms such as : Him, he, you,, or simply, he is refered  as UNNAMED... Nadia had argued with Sam about the way of calling him in First Meeting.


UNNAMED was previously "Samir" in FTON in 2010, when he was Depicted as a Worker for

Unnamed in the old plot as Samir.

"Unkown" in Glass Chipping company, the old character's design is almost as the same as the current one, it was decided to change the character from human to A Mythical Creature and a part of the Gang, he had met Nadia in Boyfriend trouble when Adel Suggested to Nadia To Date him to cure her broken heart


UNNAMED was born in Hell, His father's hopes were to make his son more evil then he actually was, however the boy wasn't as his father expected, Unnamed decided to Help The Human Species instead of destroying them, which led him to being kicked out of Hell by his father.

"Imperian War#2" UNNAMED is Fighting Apes.


UNNAMED's powers were born with The character, which are similar to his father's, Except he can transform to animals, Boys, Girls, Robots and anything he wants to.


Unnamed is Dark Green haired, he as one eye hidden and one is shown, he wears Two brown gloves, dark brown shirt, back pants, and Dark grey Cape, he has 7 fingers instead of 5 in his hands, and he has egale feet instead of the human ones.

Social Life:

UNNAMED is very sociable character despite of his look and nature, he is considered as a normal human, despite of the seven fingers he has, he is friendly with the Gang.


UNNAMED is kind, Confusing and  funny, he does some pranks on his buddies sometimes, he enjoys pranking others.


UNNAMED is an elf like Creature, his root is a cross between Elves and Devil. he has a fake humain skin as disguise.


UNNAMED has no health, as he doesn't get affected by physical violence, diseases, Bullets, or viruses..


The First Language of This Character is Eqnish, Persan, and the Tunisian's usual language. UNNAMED's Eqnish language exists in The Happy forest land, he uses this language to communicate with devils.

UNNAMED In Other Media:

Currently there's no Media is refering to This character.