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Natalia Lesfer
Scene 550045.png
First Name Natalia
Age 18 human , 700 Demon
Birth Date 6 June 1995
Hair Pink Comics, Purple Animation
Eyes Green
Gender ?
Occupation(s) Student

Dark Servant

Relatives Adel Lesfer (Father)

Nadia Lesfer (twin)

Powers Illusion, Dimensional Nails
Status Active
Voiced By Unknown

Natalia Lesfer (a.k.a Penelope) is a fictional character from "Fairy Tales of Nadia" Comics by Chahine Essedik (sedik) Sfar.

Design & History:[]

in the first comic designs, she lacked the similarity to Nadia as a Twin and looked like someone else, then she adopted Nadia's actual design, she got green eyes, black slashes (in the comic, she got a tail, and a tiny hat, her hair is Same as Nadia's) whereas in the animation, her hair is Dark Purple, she has no tail, and no hats, her demonic ears are also revealed,she wears a black and blue short outfit with two spikes placed on her breasts, in the comics, she wears boots, whereas in the animation, she wears blue and black socks, except her calcaneus and Big Toe are revealed, she has also black claws those provide her powers to fight enemies. in the comic he has a membrane of skin on either side of her body, whereas in the Animation, she trasforms into an actual Flying Squirrel.


Nadia Lesfer was Born in 6 June 1995, in Paris, France, She was bold as her hair started growing in the age of 3, Her father Adel Lesfer had argued with her Mother George de la Marie regrading moving The girls to Tunisia or keeping them in France, few days He Divorced his wife, and took both Natalia and Nadia with him to Tunisia where the child started Studying in Mahdia in the age of 5, however, she has disappeared from the house for a long time before even knowing her family well, she became a demon in the age of 16 when she fell into a magical pit that gave her the powers, so she decied to use her power to seek revenge.


Natalia can Transform into a Flying Squirrel and flys to transport, while landing, she goes back to her usual form, she also can scratch dimensional holes to throw her enemies into those holes to banish them from existence permanently, she can also jump through time and space, reverse time, swapping spots.


Unlike Nadia, Natalia is an agressive and a stubborn person, she refuses to cooperate with anyone else, she held grudge against her family when no one looked for her, and she was informed by Skull Shell that human race is evil and racist, which made her hold another grudge against the world as well, however she has developed her hatred to Skull Shell himself willing to leave the world permanently using her own powers, despite being the evil twin of Nadia, She shares the same feelings along with Nadia.


  • In the comics, her hat bears a huge resemblance to the mayors from The Powerpuff Girls, however in the animation, the hat has never existed.