Nadia And the Naked Pig Part 2
Nadia and The Naked Pig 2
The Swine King and His Son
Chapter: The Curse of The Skull shell
Season: 1, Episode: 9
Publish Date December 6th, 2013
Storyboard by Chahine Essedik Sfar
Drawn by Chahine Essedik Sfar
Directed by Chahine Essedik Sfar
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Nadia And The Naked Pig Part 2 is the ninth episode of Fairy Tales of Nadia, released in December 6th, 2013.


Nadia was awaken from death after she realized that she can respawn like Video game characters when she

The cover

met Dania, the spirit that porvided her her super powers,she was given 16 hours to fight the beast, however getting addtional powers made her develop a very bad attitude thinking That fighting alone will guarantee victory, however Dania appeared from nowhere to take Nadia's additional powers away. upon Feeling guilty, Nadia promptly leaves the battle field, leaving Sam, Fathia and UNNAMED Facing the huge beast whom hadd revived along with Nadia, Later She was inspired by The Naked Pig Who appeared in her tear to get back to the battle field and help her friends to save the land, upon uniting all forces with her friends, Dwanka has been saved, The beast was destroyed leaving the Naked Pig alive, Later the King had thanked The gang for saving him and his son, leaving Nadia appologize to The king and his son, then she apologized to Samantha after returning to the real world leaving her learned a valued lesson.


  • This Episode shows Fathia's real damaged hair upon losing her wig.
  • This episode suggests that Dania Was a Persian, this contradicts the fact that Persans Hate Arabs, especially when Dania Provides Naida powers, which Nadia is a Semi-Arab.

    Nude Nadia

  • Screen Shots from  Fairy's Birth, Nadia And The Naked Pig Part 1, and Imperian War 1 were used as a Flashback moment.
  • The Picture of Dania and The Dragon was re-used in a scene other being a Background image for The Forum, She Was depicted totally Naked in the premium version, while she was Given clothes in the Regular version.
  • Some of the Shots were used in Nadia's Memories:
  • This is the first Episode in where Dania has made her first appearance.
  • One Of Nadia's eyes becomes cyan, this suggests that Nadia still has Dania's powers.
  • This is the Second Time travel since the First was in :Imperian War 1.

Bonus for the premium membership:

Inside the Forum's database, A copy for premium members that contains extra things to use:

Replaced Pictures:

The beast was destroyed.

  • The scene of Nadia suffering had nipples in the premium version, however, they were absent in the regular version.
  • The Picture of Dania and The Dragon Was depicted totally Naked in the premium version, while she was Given clothes in the Regular version, in the same scene, the writing in farsi " اژدها شخص سادة و معصوم", Means "Dragon Babe" , while in the Regular version, it was written in farsi "دختر اژدها" which means "Dragon Girl".


Lot of external screenshot were taken from different series and Web sites:

The Waste design was modeled after Water Dragon

Author Notes:

I hope that you enjoy it!

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