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Martina schoff Hilep is a fictional character from "Fairy Tales of Nadia" Comics by Chahine Essedik (sedik) Sfar, The caharacter has Made her First and Last Appearance in One episode, which is :Tape My Barrels Please.


Martina Was Born in 16 July 1995, she dropped out of her school when she was 10, to work in a Simple farm in Hkeyma to Support her Widow Mother who was dead due to Cancer, The girl Was Moved to An orphanage system society to get the proper care and have a better life, however she ran off to Join Samantha's Band in 2008, hwoever it was hard for her to to join inspite of her Musical talent as she's too young to keep up with some bad m

Martina was Stressed

anered band members who have been replaced with Chris and Drummer in 2010, since the day she joined the band she helped Samantha hitting a great success, then She caused a trouble cost Sam 1000 Dinars (601.32$ USD) as she was addicted to marihuana and Steriods,( Which it was mentioned in Tape My Barrels Please By Samantha herself), as results of those Damages Martina was Suspended from The band as Sam was aware that girl had nowhere else to live, however, Many Rumors of Martina getting Fired made Martina Run Away and disappear.

Martina Was Kidnapped by Skull Shell who had offered her an opportunity to get her revange in Tape My Barrels Please, she had Attacked Samantha and took her powers away, which this plan failed eventually and ended up With Martina's Death Under the deadly effects of The Anatomy Destroyer Acid Gun, wet and under the heat of Fathia's electric powers.


Martina is Thin light black haired girl, She has Large brown eyes. when she Met Skull Shell, she owned three gun barrels, one in her forehead, And the two others were replacement of her breasts, with a trigger in her back. with a long Red skirt and boots.


Martina Was a former Band member of Samantha's Band, she was suspended to have a rehab from her addictions.


Martina was an Nerdy Person, she wasn't liked by people before joining Sam's band, people still remember her guitar skills despite of her addiction problems.

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