Jihed Zafar
First Name Jihed
Age 15
Birth Date 4 September 1996
Hair Red
Eyes Dark Blue
Gender ?
Occupation(s) Student
Relatives Jihen Zafar (sister)

Wahed Zafar (father) melouia (Mother)

Powers Unknown
Status Active
Voiced By Unknown

Introduction: Edit

Jihed Zaffar is a fictional character from "Fairy Tales of Nadia" Comics by Chahine Essedik (sedik) Sfar, he's one of the characters to focus on.


Jihed was born in 4 September 1996, his parents argue all the time, he once saw his father pointing a gun at his wife when he was 9, Guns were the first thing he learnt from his parents, when he grew up he became obsessed with guns, he even got  a gun license in the age of 10 (which his age is not permitted to have guns), according to his parent, The gun won't be used unless he gets his father's permission. in the age of 12 Jihed got suspended from using guns and got his license taken away from Him for years


Apparently Jihed is red haired, he a "V" shaped hair cut in front of his head, he has Large eye brows, mustaches on his cheeks, in "First Meeting", he appeared wearing Green T-shirt, Blue Jeans, and brown shoes.

Social Life:Edit

Jihed Zafar is the most hated person in Tunisia due to his weird behaviour to get everyone's attention, he is rude with Nadia all the time, he never liked her, he gets bullied by Samantha and  Fiona in school and Lair, UNNAMED does some pranks on him sometimes.


Jihed studies in the 3th grade in the secondary school.


Jihed is An Agressive character, he always treats others badly and sometimes makes some huge mistakes, he develops some feeling to Fathia One as his Girlfriend, he has a good relationship with UNNAMED, he often gets in trouble due to some legal issues regrading his excessive use of Weapons.

Jihed In Other Media:Edit

Currently there's no Media is refering to This character.

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