First Meeting
First Meeting
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Nadia speaking with Sam and Fathia through a window
Chapter: The Curse of The Skull shell
Season: 1, Episode: 2
Publish Date December 29th, 2012
Storyboard by Chahine Essedik Sfar
Drawn by Chahine Essedik Sfar
Directed by Chahine Essedik Sfar
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First Meeting is The second episode of The Tunisian Comic book Fairy Tales of Nadia By Chahine Essedik Sfar, released in December 29th, 2012, it was an expanded view on what was seen in "Fairy's Birth".


Nadia saw Samantha and Fiona  Arguing untill it ended up with Sam Getting hit on her face, which he

Join Forums seems to be maximized in Nadia's Computer.

r sunglasses were fallen in front of Nadia's feet, after her  failure attempts to communicate with  Samantha Skull shell Appeared over a snake, the fight was eneded up with Fathia And Sam's failure due to Nadia's inability of using her fire powers.

Later Fathia And Sam tried to convince Nadia that she's the legendary Dragon Girl, despite Nadia's failure attempts to deny it, she got convinced, when the three girls went to the Lair, Nadia and Sam Argued which their fight led to breaking Sam 's Guitar, Nadia left the Lair ,Leaving Fathia And Sam arguing in the sky upon beating Skull Shell and Its Snake.


  • This episode Introduces:Fathia One,UNNAMED, Jihed Zafar, And Skull Shell.
  • Samantha's Name is revealed.
  • Skull Shell's debut design was used in this episode.
  • Samantha's Chris Carter like design has been appeared just once.
  • This episode introduces Sam's Live Action Truck, and the 3D Guitar.
  • Neither this episode, nor Fairy's Birth had a cover.


  • 50 Cent was Mentioned in "First Meeting" by Nadia as an example of bullies.
  • Join Forums  is appeared in Nadia's personal Computer.
  • 2-D of The Gorillazis appearing as  posters in another wall Nadia's room, where her Closet is located, next to Iwan's poster,  it is appered in This Episode
  • The Character of Captain Jack Sparrow is appearing as a poster in Nadia's room's wall  where her computer is located.

Author Notes:

This episode, is also a good start to have an idea of the Other's characters beyond Nadia, it also exposed the problem of Bullying.Chahine Sfar 15:37, July 25, 2013 (UTC)

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